Dept. Of Fisheries & Oceans Demonstration Project

The project that brought the Corduroy Brook Project to life was carried out in 1995. Through funding provided by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans along with a financial contribution from the local Rotary Club the CBEA constructed a section of trail from Centennial Field parking lot to the Trans Canada Highway. (appx 1.2km)

Along with trail development in the area, that section of Corduroy Brook underwent a massive clean up. Once the clean up was complete, some planned stream enhancement was carried out in the brook, with corresponding signage installed at points along the stream banks.

The stream enhancement features are intended to alter the stream in various ways to enrich the habitat for fish populations (mainly brook trout and salmon parr). Some examples of stream enhancement features installed in Corduroy Brook include:

The corresponding signage was designed to explain the impact and significance of the features, thus educating trail users while they walk.

In future years, more stream enhancement was carried out in other areas of the Corduroy Brook to further enhance the habitat for fish and other aquatic creatures.

Corduroy Brook Trail August 19 2008 060