Service Canada

Formally known as Human Resources Development Canada, Service Canada has undoubtedly been the biggest financial contributor to project development. During the years of major trail construction efforts it was through their "Job Creation Program" that we were able to hire employees to carry out the work necessary, and to purchase the materials and supplies required for the task. During these years of heavy trail construction as many as twelve employees worked simultaneously under the program to build the Corduroy Brook Nature Trail.

In 2003, the CBEA partnered with Service Canada in carrying out a "Skills Link Project", whereby young people with various employment barriers were hired to carry out trail maintenance work. As part of the project the association was required to arrange training for the young people so that when the project ended they would be more employable and ready for the real world workforce. At this time the CBEA continues to run a Skills Link Program Annually. The projects can definitely be considered a win win win situation, with the association getting much needed assistance in maintenance activities, Service Canada are providing valuable assistance to some of their clients, and the participants finish their work stints with more confidence, improved resumes, practical work experience, and certified training in areas such as computers, interview skills, first aid, flag persons training, chainsaw safety, and much more. As is the case with the Provincial support we receive during the winter months, the Skills Link Project also provides funds for ongoing project requirements in materials, supplies, and administration.