Town of Grand Falls-Windsor

Although the CBEA works as an independent organization, the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor has recognized the value of the trail system to the community and their support certainly reflects that recognition.

The Town supports the association from both an in-kind and financial standpoint. The association receives an annual financial grant to go towards project work. Without this financial grant the association would very likely disappear and with it the many benefits that the trail and related programs provide for our community.

Although the annual financial assistance is crucial to the CBEA's existence, the support of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor does not end there. The Town owns the building that we call home and allow the association to use it for 12 months of the year at no cost. The Town also has included the trail and vehicles belonging to the association under their insurance program. We regularly call on the assistance of the Town’s Public Works Department for tasks that we are not able to handle on our own, and they have been extremely gracious in their response to our requests.

Our partnership with the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor has grown over the years. It is assistance that we are extremely grateful for and we rely heavily upon. We look forward to continuing this valuable partnership with the Town in attempting to draw maximum benefits from this unique and valuable community asset.