Running through the heart of Grand Falls-Windsor, the Corduroy Brook Nature Trail offers a relaxing wilderness experience for all ages and abilities. With many rest and park areas and an abundance of wildlife, you are sure to take pleasure from the experience. Located at the trailhead, the Corduroy Brook Nature Centre is home to a wetland interpretation centre!

The Corduroy Brook Enhancement Association (CBEA) is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to the restoration and preservation of the Corduroy Brook, and to build and maintain a system of accessible nature trails along its course. The Association was incorporated in 1994 and now boasts over 20 kilometres of nature trail, and related infrastructure including bridges and boardwalks, playgrounds, viewing platforms, rest areas, tent sites, and a comprehensive system of signage.

Corduroy Brook Trail

The Nature Trail is constructed along the course of Corduroy Brook.

Nature Trail

Nature Centre

Info on our nature centre, rentals, etc

Nature Centre

Nature Camp

The Corduroy Brook Children’s Nature Camp for ages 4-14.


Join us Thursday, September 30th at 10am at 2 Conservation Place, Corduroy Brook Nature Centre & Trail for the unveiling of the Info Board to commemorate the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools but never returned, and to honor the survivors, their families, and communities. #215children#corduroybrooknaturetrail #townofgfw #newfoundlandandlabrador #truthandreconciliation #orangeshirtday ... See MoreSee Less
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Important Pet Information Contracting parasites is a risk you take when walking trails with your pets. This occurs naturally and can happen whether you are walking a maintained trail or off the beaten path. Pet owners should be aware of these risks and address them accordingly. A well known parasite, Giardia (Giardia lamblia) or “Beaver Fever” is an infection in the small intestine of your pet. Contrary to popular belief, beavers are not the sole host of this parasite. Giardia is passed in the feces of any infected animal (wild, domestic, or even human). This means it is easily transmitted to your pet by being in contact with contaminated feces from another animal, rolling in contaminated soil, licking its body after contact with a contaminated surface and drinking water from a contaminated waterbody. Symptoms of Beaver Fever are not immediate and can take 3-10 days to show.Additionally, there are many common cestode parasites, like worms, that can be contracted by your pet. These parasite eggs are released through feces and onto vegetation, which can be easily ingested by your pet if it often eats grass, especially in an area that is frequented by domestic pets, so, picking up after your pet lessens the possibility of infecting others.The above mentioned parasites are common so do not be alarmed by this information but please be mindful when you are walking the trails and be aware of what your pet is getting into. Let’s keep our furry friends happy and healthy. ... See MoreSee Less
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Join us September 30th for the unveiling of the Info Board to commemorate the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools but never returned, & to honor the survivors, their families, & communities. #215children #corduroybrooknaturetrail #truthandreconciliation corduroy_brook photo

🐾Meet Leroy & Harper🐾 This furry duo 🥰 enjoys taking in the scenery while they walk the Trail! We can not see their little faces but if you walk the Trail, chances are you have seen them exploring every nook and cranny at Corduroy Brook!😍Have a great weekend🐕🐩 #furryfriends corduroy_brook photo